Antique Outboard Motor Club - South Florida Gator Chapter

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 Welcome to the South Florida Gator Chapter - AOMCI

Calling All South Florida Antique & Vintage Outboard Motor Enthusiasts!!!

Welcome to the South Florida Gator Chapter - AOMCI
Calling All South Florida Antique & Vintage Outboard Motor Enthusiasts!!!

Balance of 2019 - 2020 Pre-Summer Break

Gator Chapter Meet Schedule

Please Note: All dates and locations are subject to change. Postcards will be mailed out to active Gator Chapter members two weeks prior to each Meet confirming dates and locations. Anyone not on our mailing list, please call or email Mark Storrs prior to a Meet to confirm dates and times. (954) 812-1801 cell or email: [email protected]

Balance of 2019 Meet Schedule

November 2nd, 2019       Bob Mason Park

Saturday                             870 North River Road                            

(0900-1500 hours)              LaBelle, FL. 33935

Judged Wet Meet!              Theme will be: "Mercury Outboards"

                                                 Hosts are: Mark Storrs, Doris Courten

                                                                  Merrill & Edna Schmidt



December 7th, 2019           H.L. Bishop Park

Saturday                             152 Lake June Road

(0900-1500 hours)               Lake Placid, FL. 33852

          Joint Meet with Florida and Gator Chapters

Judged Wet Meet!               Theme will be: "Motors of the 1950s"

                                             Hosts are: The Chapter Officers


             2020 Gator Chapter Meet Schedule 

                     Thru Pre-Summer Break

January 11th, 2020             Easterlin Park

Saturday                             1000 NW 38th Street 

(0900-1500 hours)              Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33309

             This is the Annual Gator Chapter Business Meeting

Judged Dry Meet!               Theme will be: "Evinrude Outboards"

                                            Hosts are: Cheryl and Buzz Lamb


February 8th, 2020               Bob Mason Park

Saturday                               870 North River Road 

(0900-1500 hours)                LaBelle, FL 33935 

Judged Wet Meet!                Theme will be: "Martin Outboards"

                                                   Hosts: Roger Stamer and Terry Sexton


March 7th, 2020                    H.L. Bishop Park

Saturday                               152 Lake June Road 

(0900-1500 hours)                 Lake Placid, FL. 33852

Judged Wet Meet!                 Theme will be: "Johnson Outboards"

                                               Hosts: Craig & Jeff Gomersall



March 19th - 22nd, 2020        ACBS Boat Festival

Thursday thru Sunday            Sunnyland Chapter 

                                               Tavares, Florida  on Lake Dora

Please Note: This is not a Gator Chapter Meet but many Gator, Florida chapter and AOMCI members attend.


April 4th, 2020                  Timer Powers Park 

Saturday                                 14100 SW Citrus Blvd.

(0900-1500 hours)                  Indiantown, FL. 34956

Judged Wet Meet                    Theme will be: "Motors of the 1920s"

& Silent Auction!!!                    Hosts are: Dennis Ladd & Larry Barclay




                                  Please Note New Venue!!!

May 2nd, 2020                       Sugden Regional Park

Saturday                                (Lake Avalon)

(0900-1500 hours)                 4284 Avalon Drive

                                               Naples, FL. 34112

Judged Wet Meet!                  Theme will be: "Motors of the 1930s"

                                                Hosts are: Shawne & Dean Rich


There are no formal Gator Chapter Meets scheduled for June, July, August, September and October 2020. Enjoy your summer break!



OUR PURPOSE - To inform the members and the interested public about upcoming Antique and Classic outboard motor & boating events in the South Florida region.

The website has pages for club news, event schedules, photos, articles, general interest information, how-to tips and want-ads.  We also offer a free appraisal service for anyone who might have an old outboard motor or boat hidden away in the garage or Grandpa's barn.  The public is invited to bring any boating-related items - motors, boats, accessories, memorabilia etc. - for a value report, appraisal or sale.

Membership in AOMCI is required, annual dues are $25; Gator Chapter dues are $20 per year. For chapter membership information, email Buzz Lamb at [email protected]. Visit the AOMCI website athttp://www.aomci.org/ for details on joining the national organization.

This is YOUR website! Club members are invited to join, so that they can participate and add content. If you'd like to add/suggest content please email our Webmaster and let him know!

Dedicated to the Preservation and Restoration of Antique Outboards