Antique Outboard Motor Club - South Florida Gator Chapter

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I am currently working on restoring a 1923 Caille Liberty Single. I plan to get this motor back to original, running condition. So far I have completed all of the documentation of various stamped components and have removed most of 93 years of accumulated grease, paint, rust, and dirt. We have a functional machine with great compression and most of the bronze and brass is cleaning up will a lot of elbow grease. I have enclosed two photos; the first was taken the day I purchased this motor and the second was taken about 20 days later with most of the gunk removed and everything well lubricated.


My next step after a little more rust and paint removal is to clean out the gas tank and fuel system so that it will handle clean fuel. Then it will be off to Steve Woods to have him help me get the motor running.


A great piece of outboard motor history being unfolded.


Doug Williams